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Rohnert Park Nissan Service and Repair

At Acur-it, we have Rohnert Park Nissan service and repair specialists who are experts in in import cars like Nissan. 

Celebrating its eighties anniversary in 2013, Nissan automobiles have been around longer than many people realize, Nissan was originally known as the DAT Motorcar Company going all the way back to 1914. The first actual DAT vehicle was released in 1931 as a Datson, but because of its literal Japanese to English translation the name was later changed to Datsun. Since it was first incorporated in 1935, Nissan has become one of the leading vehicles of choice in locations like Europe, North America, Japan, Mexico, China, South Africa, Japan, Asia and the Middle East. 

In the 1930's and 1940's Datsun had its hand in a variety of different ventures that included building airplanes, trucks, cars and engines for the military purposes. It was around this time period that Nissan started to build Austin 7's. Although, it wasn't till years later in 1952 that Datsun entered into a contractual obligation with Austin. This specific deal gave Nissan the ability to build 2,000 different Austin's. In addition, Datsun was now allowed to use Austin patents. Fast forwarding to 1999, Nissan (in 1984 Nissan decided to drop the Datsun name) was faced with extreme financial difficulties and forced to team up with Renault. Since the alliance began, the rest has been history as Nissan has become one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. We see a lot of this particular car around our community, which is why it's our priority at ACUR-it to train and retrain our Rohnert Park Nissan service and repair techs

Common Nissan Problems
One issue that Nissan vehicles experienced is a failing crankshaft position sensor. You will be able to recognize this problem if your car begins to frequently shut off immediately after being started. Additionally, by being exposed to different temperature changes the signals that are transmitted to your engine can be interrupted. When this happens, the engine's timing can be affected and result in engine backfires and abnormal RPM movements. 

Our Elite Nissan Service
For anyone that currently is having problems with their Nissan, the Rohnert Park Nissan service and repair specialists are ASE trained and are ready to help. Whether you're having a problem with the ignition coils, fuel filters or ignition switches we can help solve your cars problem and have it back on the road in no time. By utilizing some of the newest technologies in the industry, our technicians are able to repair your car to its original manufactured quality.