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Is your vehicle making too much noise? Do you hear a sound coming from the mufflers and exhaust system? If so, then you need to bring your vehicle to an experienced auto repair shop for proper inspection.

ACUR-it Auto Repair specializes in Japanese vehicles, as well as domestic cars and hybrids. For the last 20+ years, we have provided our customers with exceptional service and expertise. No job is too small or too large -- whether you need a muffler repair, exhaust service or other auto repair, we can assist you. ACUR-it strives to give customers the service that they deserve.

Mufflers and Exhaust Overview

Vehicles need to have mufflers and exhaust systems because the government requires all road-worthy vehicles to be outfitted with these components in order to reduce noise pollution and exhaust emissions. These laws keep our external environment quieter and safer.

When a vehicle does not conform, a muffler repair or exhaust service may be necessary in order to correct the problem. For instance, broken mufflers or exhaust systems can leak carbon monoxide into the cabin of the car, which makes it imperative to have them repaired or replaced, due to occupant safety issues.

When Your Vehicle Requires Muffler or Exhaust Service

When you are driving your vehicle, you should take the time to pay close attention to its performance in order to see if it is not operating in the proper manner. There are some signs that may arise that could indicate the need to have your vehicle serviced. For example, a potential repair or replacement of your muffler or exhaust system may be necessary in the following situations:

  • There is an exhaust smell in the car cabin
  • Excessive noise coming from the mufflers and/or connection points
  • Muffler or exhaust pipes cracks
  • As you accelerate, noises gets louder
  • The exhaust system has a hole or leak
  • You notice that the mufflers and exhaust pipe are sagging underneath the vehicle

If one of these issues is occurring, then give us a call immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Quality Service

ACUR-it Auto Repair understands how important it is to maintain your vehicle in the proper condition. Whether you are looking for a muffler repair, exhaust service or car products, ACUR-it can provide you with quality service at an affordable price. We will take the time to inspect your vehicle and make professional recommendations that will save you money. Using the right company lets you have peace of mind.