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Lexus Service

A division of Toyota, the Lexus brand was first released in 1989 with two sedan models; the ES 250 and the LS 400. After its initial release, Lexus formed a specialized customer service campaign with just one single customer complaint. The establishment of their new service campaign, created a new industry standard in both customized service and customer dedication. Two years after the Toyota's release of Lexus, a brand new series of high class vehicles were launched; the SC 300 sport coupes, ES 330 and the SC 300. Continuing the release of new lines of the Lexus brand, the large Japanese manufacturer released the GS 300 luxury sport Sedan in 1993 along with its new certified program for pre-owned vehicles. The following year, in 1994, Lexus launched its fully redesigned new generation of LS 400 models. Maintaining its trend of regularly launching new models, Lexus redesigned its LS 400 in 1997 and introduced the VVT-I. Also in 1997, the new generation of GS 400's and GS 300's were launched for the first time. Experiencing unprecedented growth, Lexus became the first ever luxury import brand to sell over 20,000 vehicles in one single month. Even as recently as 2013, Lexus has continued launching new models as the third generation of the IS sport sedan was released.
Known Problems with Lexus Vehicles
One of the main issues that Lexus owners experience is engine sludge buildup. This problem typically happens when engine oil sediments and particles thicken and eventually stop the engine's flow. When this occurs, the engine could fail due to the lack of lubrication.
The Window Regulator
Extremely common among the Lexus SC-400 models is the premature break down of the window regulators. If you discover that your windows are not working right, there's a good chance that it's because of the window regulator. Typically, in order to fix the problem, the glass needs to be disconnected from the window regulator while the regulator is detached from the motor. Once this is done, the replacement regulator can be installed.
Our Lexus Guarantee
As one of the most experienced Japanese maintenance and repair company's in Sonoma County, Acur-It guarantees to fix any problem that comes your way. Our professional and ASE Certified team of mechanics, we will put all of your repair needs first to ensure that your Lexus is handled with care. Regardless of the issue that you're faced with, our team will be there to help you along the way.