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Rohnert Park Honda Service and Repair

Our Rohnert Park Honda Service and Repair specialists are experts in this car make and model.

Before Honda was started, its founder Soichiro Honda, worked as a mechanic building piston rings. Soichiro began his career working at the Art Shokai garage in Japan and developed his first company the Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company. At this time, Soichiro was also given a contract by Toyota to build and supply piston rings for the car manufacturer. Unfortunately, because of the rings low quality and durability, he lost the Toyota contract. Still destined to accomplish great things, Soichiro decided to attend engineering school. Although he was unable to graduate, Soichiro began touring Japanese car factories in order to fully understand the entire automobile quality control process. Then, with the knowledge required, he was able to produce large quantities of well-built piston rings. 

In the summer of 1963, Honda was finally able to produce its first automobile; the T360 pick-up truck. The T360 was powered by a tiny 356-cc, strraight-4 gas engine and it was placed under the category of "inexpensive Kei car". Later the same year, in October, Honda released its first automobile; the S500 sports car. The car was operated by a set of chain-driven rear wheels that closely resembled Honda's line of motorcycles. Over the next 20 year, Honda worked hard to extend their product line and export its vehicles around the world. Then, in 1986, Honda introduced the Acura brand into the U.S. market in order to compete with other luxury brands. Acura's are just one piece of the pie, one model that our Rohnert Park Honda Service and Repair specialists are great at.

Frequent Honda Problems
An issue among Honda vehicles is their repeated transmission failures. This problem generally occurs because of a declining torque converter. Even though the engine revs up, the car is unable to move or shift gears. 

Another prevalent issue that Honda's experience is irregular brake pad wear and tear.  Frequently occurring with the Civic and the Accord, the pressure that is applied to the brakes within these models does not stop like it should. This causes brake pads to be replaced more often.

Honda Service and Repair
The team of ASE trained Rohnert Park Honda Service and Repair mechanics at Acur-It are able to service and repair any problems your Honda vehicle encounters. Utilizing advanced technologies available, our mechanics will first diagnose your vehicle to ensure that the correct problem has been identified. After we have finished with our diagnostics testing, Acut-It will service your car so that it's running like new.