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Keeping your vehicle in excellent condition is important because it provides essential transportation for you and your family. When it is not operating properly, you are not able to get to work, school or other locations. One of the ways that owners are maintaining their vehicles is with regular visits to an auto repair shop.

The Muscle of a Car

The engine and transmission are the hardest working parts of any automobile. The combustion of gasoline in the engine is converted into the energy that is necessary to move the vehicle. The transmission receives this energy, which is then used to turn the wheels that propel the car forwards and backwards.

The engine has multiple moving parts, gaskets, flanges and hoses that will wear down over time and will require replacement. A qualified auto repair shop can provide you with the engine repair that your vehicle needs, at an affordable price.

The transmission has many moving parts that will require service, repair, or replacement as it gets older.

Engine and Transmission Repair

As the mileage of a car increases, there may come a time when an engine and/or transmission repair becomes necessary. If you find that your engine or transmission is not operating properly, then you should have your vehicle inspected in order to avoid having a major auto repair bill in the future.

In certain cases, an engine repair may be necessary if:

  • The engine is backfiring,
  • There is an inability to increase your speed effectively, or
  • The vehicle is shutting off while in use.

These situations require the expertise of a professional engine repair shop.

Auto Repair for All Types of Vehicles

At ACUR-it Auto Repair, we service Japanese vehicles, domestic vehicles and hybrids. While servicing these types of finely tuned vehicles is uncommon at other auto repair shops, we have the training and experience that is necessary to provide you with quality engine and transmission repair. ACUR-it is proud to accommodate our customers' needs.

Bring your vehicle to our repair shop and let us inspect your car. We look forward to providing you with the excellent customer service that ACUR-it is known for!