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In order to provide your vehicle with the electric power that it needs, it is important that the starting and charging systems be maintained properly, as it delivers the electric current that supports many vital electronic components.

Starting and Charging Systems Overview

Starting and charging systems can be located on the engine block, typically in the front area of the engine. This source of power supports important electronic devices, such as the ignition and fuel system, windshield wipers, radio, air conditioning unit, power windows, power seats, moon roof, headlights, central computer and much more.

The main components of charging systems are the alternator and the regulator.

  • The alternator is the device that creates alternating current (AC) and converts it into the direct current (DC) that all vehicles require.
  • The regulator is the device that controls the voltage level throughout the vehicle.

In addition, a system of pulleys power the alternator and other parts of the vehicle by using a serpentine belt or multiple separate belts. These belts are wrapped around the pulleys and rotate when the engine is running, charging the car battery and powering the vehicle's electronics.

Signs That Your Starting and Charging Systems Need Maintenance

In order for your vehicle to operate correctly, it requires a constant electric current. Below are some signs that indicate when to have your starting and charging systems inspected:

  • The car is having problems starting
  • Your battery is recurrently failing, even after installing a new one
  • Your vehicle shuts off while in use
  • The headlights appear stronger when the vehicle is turned off
  • There is a noise coming from the alternator
  • Electrical components are not working correctly

While these are only some of the indicators that your Starting and charging systems may have an issue, an experienced auto repair shop will be able to give you a proper diagnosis as to what is actually causing the problem.

Part Replacements

At ACUR-it Auto Repair, we will only replace the parts that will keep your starting and charging systems in excellent condition, so that your visit is more affordable. One of the most common causes of problems for the charging systems is the serpentine belt. Over time, this belt becomes stretched or misaligned with the pulley system and can be easily replaced without the installation of new charging systems.

You can rest assured that your auto repair experience will be enjoyable when you use the right professional. If you have noticed some of the signs listed above or would like to have regular maintenance performed, then contact ACUR-it to set up an appointment to have your starting and charging systems examined.