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An integral part of every vehicle is the braking system. In order to ensure that your vehicle is able to brake properly, you need to have a brake service performed every 7500 miles. This examination can keep you and your passengers safe while operating the vehicle. A dangerous driving situation is avoidable with the right preventative measures.

7500 Mile Brake Service

Vehicle owners should have their braking system examined at least once a year to find out if any brake repairs are necessary. Since this component is under constant pressure and friction, it can become worn down over time. It is important that it be maintained correctly, as it is the only force that will bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

When a braking system is inspected, the brake repair service technician will:

  • Check to see that the brake fluid levels are acceptable
  • Determine if there is any moisture in the brake lines that could potentially cause a reduction in hydraulic pressure
  • Find out why the brakes are squealing
  • Verify that the brake rotors have the proper thickness and condition
  • Inspect the brake lines to make sure that there are no leaks
  • Check that the brake calipers are operating correctly
  • Perform important brake repair tests
  • Clean, lube, and adjust as needed
  • And more!

By taking the time to have your braking system inspected and serviced as needed, you can be sure that you and your family will remain out of harm's way while driving on the road.

Quality Brake Repair Service

Acurit Auto Repair provides trustworthy brake repair service. You can bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection and we will take the time to explain any issues to you in detail. Before commencing the work, we will present you with a variety of options that will allow you to select a brake service that fits your budget.

Acurit helps customers determine which type of brake pad material they need for their vehicle so that it has the best stopping power. We offer a wide range of brake pads and shoes that will fit any vehicle – from a Japanese model to a domestic car or hybrid. Our brake pad options include:

  • Factory Pads
  • Metallic
  • Semi-metallic
  • Organic
  • Ceramic

Keep your vehicle’s braking system in tiptop shape by having a 7500 mile brake service performed. With ACUR-it, we provide all of our customers with quality brake repair and service. Call us today to schedule a brake service!