Wet Weather Drive Tips: Turn Off Cruise Control

Hi, Ryan Perry here with Acur-it Automotive, your Rohnert Park Auto Repair Center.

Today I'd like to talk about some safe driving tips when driving in wet weather like we've been having the last week or so. Tip number one is going to be cruise control. Many modern vehicles have cruise control, which is great for those long drives when you're on the freeway and just cruising along. The downside is that when it's raining, there could be puddles of water that you don't see on the freeway, and should you hydroplane, the response from the driver should be to slowly let off the gas, slowing the vehicle down so you can make contact with the pavement again.

Now that totally negates the purpose of cruise control, which is to maintain proper speed. Well, if you're maintaining speed while hydroplaning, the end result could be an accident that could easily be avoided by turning your cruise control off. So remember, when it's raining outside, turn your cruise control off, but turn your headlights on.