Wet Weather Car Maintenance Tips

Hi Ryan Perry here, with Acur-It Automotive, your Rohnert Park Auto Repair Center. Couple of quick tips, now that the rain is falling in Sonoma County. The first thing you'll definitely want to check are those windshield wipers. If your windshield wiping, but streaking at the same time, now is the time that you want to replace them so that you have very good visibility during winter driving. Speaking of visibility, you also want to make sure that all of your lights, marker lights and brake lights are working properly.

Now if you have plastic lens headlights like I do, you'll want to make sure that they're not fogged over so that you have good light penetration while driving in the rain. Now if you've been driving the last couple of weeks in Sonoma County, you know how heavy the rain's been falling, and visibility is very important.

So one, make sure you check your windshield wipers. Two, make sure that you check your headlights are working properly and that the lens isn't fogged over. And then third, make sure your brake lights and marker lights are working properly so others can see you to avoid an accident.