Torque Your Lug Nuts Correctly

Hi, this is Will Trbovich from Acur-It Auto Repair in Rohnert Park for your tip of the day. You ever been on the road, got a flat tire, went to change your tire, and there was one of those lug nuts just won't come off? Well, that's because it wasn't torqued properly to being with.

Not only that, if it's not torqued properly to begin with, it can do damage to your braking system, actually cause vibrations. So, whenever changing a wheel or anybody's changing a wheel for you, you want to be sure and check the torque specifications and torque at the proper torque specification.

Plus, there's also a sequence that you actually tighten them by. Check your owner's manual, and I hope this tip has been helpful for all of you.

Thank you, this is Will at Acur-It Auto Repair signing off.