Tire Fail!

Ryan Perry here, on behalf of your Rohnert Park Auto Repair Center, Acur-It Automotive. Did a quick Google search the other day on tire fail, and came across some really interesting images and thought I would share them. Some of these are great. I have never seen a tire that the sidewall has just given way, in some way. Obviously, if you see this on your car, please, do not keep on driving, and take it in to your local tire place, and get that changed, or at least call AAA or somebody and have your spare put on, because you don't wanna end up like this, especially if you're doing 65, 70 on the freeway.
Now, I did find some other interesting ways that people took care of a spare when they didn't have a spare. Here's one with a dolly. How about this, with a caster off of something, I don't know how fast you would go, but I'm like, "Oh if you hit a pothole," especially in Sonoma County, the potholes in Sonoma County, "If you hit a pothole in that caster, it would just rip that thing right off." And there's another one down here, a little farther that is absolutely hilarious. Obviously, this is not a tire failure, however, something bad happened. Don't recommend doing that.
Oh gosh, where's this other one that's down here... It is actually pretty darn... Oh here we go, totally love this, the mini pickup truck with a dolly strapped underneath the rear tire. That to me is an epic way of dealing with not having a spare tire. Obviously totally don't recommend doing this, as you just never know what's gonna happen.
Anytime you see wear or tear, especially these cords right here. If you see any signs of these cords showing, that is a indicator that you're beyond safety measures at this point. You really need to get those tires looked at by a professional and replaced. Don't know if this is the one, this one isn't staples, but here we go, using some zip locks and some strings to do a tire repair. I saw another one on a different search where they actually stapled the sidewall together. This, the first time I saw it, I thought were shoes. I thought they had stuffed shoes in between the tire, but it's actually the sidewall giving away. Again, do not, do not drive on this tire, otherwise you're gonna end up like this, which could cause a huge wreck somewhere down the line.
This is Ryan with Acur-It Automotive, your Rohnert Park repair automotive specialist. Hope you had some fun checking out these great pictures. If you ever get bored and you wanna check these out yourself, just do a Google search for tire fail, and share with us your favorite tire fail. Have a great day.