Over 230 Cars Destroyed in ‘Furious7′

The franchised movie that made box office history in its first week by bringing in record-breaking “Fast and Furious” dollars also spent a pretty penny on the making of the very successful movie. The number of vehicles and property destroyed to complete the action packed film played a significant role in the astonishing production cost. Although it is safe to assume that the box office sales surely offset the costs of America’s favorite star-studded racing motion picture. One of the adrenaline-driven scenes alone destroyed over 40 cars on a picturesque mountainous highway pass in Colorado.

The Universal “Furious” franchise has collectively destroyed hundreds of cars but none more than “Furious 7” which destroyed over 230 cars in one film production. The film’s team constructed deals with the owners of used car lots and junkyards in the nearby area. The movie’s productions car coordinator Dennis McCarthy stated that they’d wreck about 25 cars a day and each night 25 more were fetched for him. He added that the film’s crew needed to be extremely careful that each car that was wrecked would then be completely crushed and rendered unusable. They did so in order to prevent any possible lawsuits from people who like purchasing cars that are used in films as memorabilia. Every single car that was destroyed was accounted for.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a variety of car models were destroyed in the very anticipated car racing sequel that will be sadly remembered as the last movie that the late actor Paul Walker filmed before his untimely death. Among the different car models, were several Mercedes-Benzes, a Mitsubishi Montero, and a Ford Crown Victoria. Approximately 30 damaged cars were removed from the production site and crushed by Bonnie’s Car Crushers, a Colorado firm to ensure that the vehicles would not go back on the market.

After its debut in Japan on April 17, 2015 the film quickly became the fourth largest worldwide ever to launch. Unfortunately, part of the movie’s success came at the expense of the news that Paul Walker died while shooting the picture. The series regular was not able to complete all of his scenes before passing, but, fortunately, his brothers Caleb and Cody took his place and doubled for the actor. That along with great CGI was used to complete the film and helped the filmmakers overcome the difficulties of capturing great scenes of Walker’s final performance.