Nissan’s Plans for 2015

As one of the top auto makers worldwide, Nissan is a Japanese auto maker that specializes in unique and top tier car designs, fuel efficiency and smooth ergonomics. Even though they are not as large as other Asian based companies like Honda or Toyota, Nissan hopes to continue to grow and take a larger piece of the market share in 2015.

This year the auto maker is focused on bringing its fleet of vehicles into the future. Two things that are at the forefront of consumer’s minds these days are the environment and hi tech devices. Nissan is embracing both of these trends by boosting the mileage rate for most of its vehicles as well as adding synchronicity and tech upgrades.

Headlining the environmental (and economical) aspect is the Nissan Leaf. Born in 2010 during the height of the recession, the Leaf is an all-electric vehicle that boasts an equivalent of 115 MPG, were it to run on gasoline. It’s also the top selling highway rated electric vehicle, and shows no signs of slowing down. For 2015 they are introducing three driving modes: regular, eco which allows a longer battery life, and B-mode, which utilizes better braking when decelerating. In addition to the upgrades to the Leaf, Nissan will also be improving gas mileage for several of its vehicles, including the best-selling Altima.

As 2015 kicks into high gear, Nissan will be kicking into high tech mode, by offering new features on many of its vehicles that allow consumers better synergy between them and their cars. NissanConnect is a new program that gives drivers access to navigation, mobile apps, hands-free text assist, as well as voice controls and recognition, all on a sleek 7 inch touchscreen. Coupled with Blind-spot assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the new Nissan models are taking one step further into the future.

With environmentalism and technology as the driving force behind them, Nissan is poised to lead the pack with innovation and sustainability in 2015.