Live From New York; The 2015 Auto Show

For over a century, New York has been home to the International Auto Show. Started in 1900, the event has seen everything from the Ford Model T to the Ferrari Spyder. Car enthusiasts and gearheads flock to the Javits Center each year to drool over new cars, concept vehicles, and the best that each car maker has to offer. This year the show ran from March 25th to April 3rd, and here are some of the highlights of this legendary attraction.

Toyota brought some interesting new vehicles and concepts to the table this year. In addition to the unveiling of the new Hybrid Rav-4, they offered an inside look at what could be a significant game changer: hydrogen fuel cells. Called the Mirai exhibit, Toyota revealed their plans for an alternative to gas guzzling engines. It includes a display showing audience members how fuel cells work, as well as how the car can recharge with hydrogen in about 5 minutes. They also brought a couple of 3 wheeled vehicles that are driven by the driver’s movements, much like that of a skier. They call them the i-ROAD and the F-V 2. They also rolled out newer versions of the Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner.

Tagging along with Toyota was Lexus with their souped up new version of the RX. The fourth generation of this landmark luxury SUV is offered in both a traditional and hybrid version and comes with advanced safety features; including brake assist. This is part of Toyota’s move to increase safety measures across all models, as well as lower the costs of such measures for the future.

Honda made some waves at the show too, revealing their new concept for the best-selling Civic. They promise a more powerful and sporty version of the car, as well as one that is more technologically advanced than any other Civic before it. They mentioned that the new model will offer turbocharged engines for speed, and high-tech safety features such as lane assist and adaptive cruise control. They also announced that the Type R will finally be available in American Markets. For years, US auto enthusiasts have begged Honda to release the Type R domestically, and it seems they finally are caving. Why it took so long is anyone’s guess, but here we are.

Finally, Nissan came to the show swinging with the newest version of the Maxima. With a sleeker, more futuristic design, the Maxima was turning heads at the show. Inside it has a high tech, ergonomic feel to it, with an eight-inch touchscreen and a bunch of advanced safety features, including the Driver Attention Alert System. While only available on Platinum models, this system develops a baseline of driver ability and can warn when they are becoming inattentive.