In Cabin Air Filters

Hi. I'm Will Trbovich with Acur-It Auto Repair in Rohnert Park, California. And we're going to talk today about cabin air filters. What are they? Why should I replace them? What's the purpose of them?

Here's a couple of cabin air filters. This is obviously an old one, not too old, about 30,000 miles. This is what a new one looks like. All your air inside your car comes through vents in the front of your car. If you've ever looked at a car parked on the side of the road with bugs and everything all over it, that's what you're getting into the air vents. So, the cabin air filter stops that from getting... And the dirt and the soot and air from getting inside the car and you breathing it. So, that's the importance of cabin air filters

Manufacturers generally recommend replacing them about every 30,000 miles. They're not a big expensive item, but they're for your health, and your well-being is important. In addition to that, for the efficiency of your air-conditioning and your heating system. You can imagine if your fresh air is plugged like this how less air you're gonna get out of your air conditioning system. It's a federal law now that all cars, all newer cars, the air inside the car has to change every 60 seconds so you can imagine that's a lot of air going through there, and a lotta dirt, and a lotta soot, and a lotta bugs. We wanna stop that. Replace your cabin air filters at least every 30,000 miles.

This is Will Trbovich with Acur-It Auto Repair for your helpful hint of the day. Thank you.