How To Check The Tread Of Your Tires

Hi, Ryan Perry here with Accurate Automotive, your Rohnert Park Auto Repair Center. Today I'm going to provide you a wet weather safety tip and that is to check the tread on your tires.
The deeper the tread the more water your tires can push out. At freeway speed this is vitally important should you run across a large body of water, flooding, a large puddle of standing water or if you've noticed on some freeways the road actually gets cupped where you're driving from large big rigs that will pull water in one area and could cause you to hydroplane. The more tread your tires have the easier it is for them to displace water, making sure they provide proper traction on the freeway. An easy way to determine if your tread is deep enough is to grab a quarter.
Now you'll notice the distance from the top to the... From the top of the quarter to the President's head is the minimum amount of tread depth. So if you take the quarter and place it in the tire you wanna make sure that the tread covers up part of the President's head. If it doesn't, now is the time to look into new tires to ensure your safety while driving on wet roads.