Honda’s Plan for the Coming Year

Every year, auto manufacturers are faced with the challenge of adjusting their inventory and models with new features and enhancements. Ideally, an auto maker would be able to anticipate consumer’s needs and design ahead of the curve.

One such auto maker that seems to stay on top of current trends is Honda. As one of the top ten car brands in the US, Honda has managed to stay at the forefront of consumer’s minds and continues to be one of the best-selling brands.

In 2015, there are some new and exciting changes coming to the Honda lineup. Most importantly is their move into the SUV market. Traditionally, Honda has been a leader for mid-size and compact sedans, but recently, especially in 2015, they have begun to make major advances towards grabbing a larger piece of the SUV pie.

For a long time, Honda has been sufficiently performing in the compact SUV market with the CR-V. This model is consistently one of the top selling units in its class. However, Honda is no longer content with just one model, and hopes to branch out and take over all sizes of SUVS, from sub-compact to Midsize. (It’s important to note that Honda owns Acura, which makes a premium size SUV, the MDX)

With falling sales and a lackluster design approach, the Honda Pilot has never been much of a game changer. However, this year the auto maker hopes to change that with a sleek new design, lighter payload for better fuel efficiency, and a longer body to allow for ample head room. These design changes, coupled with new features like blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control make the Pilot the SUV to watch for this year and beyond.

In addition to the Pilot, Honda hopes to create a new style of SUV, the sub-compact HR-V. Larger than a sedan but smaller than a traditional SUV, the HR-V will allow for massive amounts of storage (thanks largely to fold-down seats) and ample seating space, without having a bulky or fuel costly design.  Honda hopes this will be a gateway car for people looking to upgrade from their economy cars, but aren’t ready for a full size utility vehicle.

In addition to their foray into the SUV market, Honda is making routine changes to its lineup, including brake assist, rear cameras, and their proprietary Home Link remote control system for the Accord.

As 2015 goes into high gear, Honda is making sure to stay ahead of the crowd, for this year and the future.