Get A Proper Estimate Over The Phone

Hello, this is William Trbovich with Acur-It Auto Repair in Rohnert Park for your tip of the day. How do you get a proper estimate over the phone?

If you're calling a repair shop and you're saying, "My car is going zing or bang or making tickling noises or tingling noises", they're not going to be able to give you a proper estimate on the phone, they'll let you know that you need to bring it in. Most shops will say, "Bring it by, let us listen to it, and then we'll give you some idea what it's going to take to repair it."

when you're calling let's say for maintenance items or calling for a water pump replacement or a timing belt replacement, be specific, ask them exactly what they're going to do for the estimate that they gave you. You should also check your owner's manual to see what the recommendations are for regular maintenance; what is the actual manufacturer recommending? 'Cause a lot of times you'll find that over the phone they'll give you one estimate but then some things are not included and then you get there they want to include them for an extra charge later. Or in some cases they actually add things to it, some shops, and then the estimate's a little bit higher.

Have a pencil and paper ready, jot down what they say they're going to do by the name of the company and call a couple of places, and you'll be able to tell by the answers that you're getting and how it compare with your owner's manual whether you're getting a proper estimate.

This is Will Trbovich from Acur-It Auto Repair in Rohnert Park saying thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed your tip of the day.