DIY Auto Maintenance May Cost You Big Bucks

With many options in the auto store industry, many consumers have taken vehicle maintenance projects into their own hands. Many products like oil, coolant and transmission fluid can be bought over the counter at stores like Autozone and Advanced Auto. Because of its accessibility and relatively low cost, mechanically savvy individuals try to repair and maintain their own cars. While this sounds like a good, cost-saving alternative to the car repair shop, DIY car maintenance and repair can actually wind up costing you a hefty penny in the long run. Take a look.

New Auto Technology

The cars of today are much different than they were even ten years ago. As auto technology has advanced, mechanics have taken special training and classes to acquire the necessary skills to meet the current demands. The new vehicles on the market, particularly foreign vehicles, require more advanced mechanical skills when compared to vehicles 15-20 years ago. They are far more technical and require a trained eye and knowledge surrounding the area for successful maintenance and repair.

Model Specificity

Model specificity is one of the most destructive aspects of DIY repairs and maintenance. Many new vehicles on the market require specific types of coolant and transmission fluid that are model specific. Varying outside of these specific fluids can be disastrous for your vehicle. If an unknowing consumer attempts to complete his own maintenance and purchases the wrong and generic transmission fluid and coolant from a local Rohnert Park parts store, they could potentially ruin the cooling system and transmission. Both of these are costly repairs that could be avoided by simply having maintenance completed by professionals.

Leave Your Car to the Professionals

Mechanics are skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of repairing and maintaining your vehicle. They have the resources to determine the appropriate types of fluids for your specific model and can ensure that your vehicle stays in good operation for the duration of its life. Don't risk your car to save a few bucks on maintenance. The reality is that doing so could cost you a whole lot of money down the road.