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Get the best in General & Japanese Auto Service at ACUR-it Auto Repair

Located in Rohnert Park, California, Acur-It Auto Repair is here to provide the repair service that you deserve and expect. Specializing in foreign and domestic automotive repairs, our Rohnert Park auto service - ACUR-it, can handle all of your service needs.
Using the most advanced technology that the automobile repair industry has to offer, our Rohnert Park auto service guarantees to exceed all of your repair and maintenance expectations. With a team of dedicated, ASE Certified mechanics, repair services are completed in timely manner.
Our Rohnert Park auto service provides a variety of specialized services that include; brake service, power steering, axle replacement, suspension work, air conditioning maintenance and repair, radiator service, front and rear light replacement, alignment work, battery replacement, clutch repair, hose and belt replacement, tire work, air bag systems and power system maintenance.
Below are a few of the most common repair services. 
Only using top of the line brake pads, we will typically replace your cars brakes with pads that are produced by the original manufacturer. This helps ensure that your brakes provide the best stopping possible for the lifetime of the brake pad.
Oil Change and Filter Service
It's critical that you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or 3 months in order to ensure that your car and its engine is properly maintained. By routinely having your oil changed and filter serviced, you will be extending the overall life of your engine.
Transmission Maintenance 
Also providing complete transmission maintenance, we are able to use our specialized cleaners to clear out all residue and sledge buildup within your transmission lines, valve body and torque converter.
Starting and Charging Issues
Acur-It is one of the most experienced starting and charging diagnostic repair shops Sonoma County.  With the ability to analyze and fix almost any type of charging issue from the alienator to the battery.